Teen Couple Dragged Drug OD Victim’s Body Around, Posted Pics Of Body To Facebook

John Garrett Guffey and Lillie Marie Cooper [Marshall County Sheriff's Office]

GRANT, AL — Alabama police have charged a teenage couple who allegedly took pictures of another teen who was dying of an overdose — and then posted them on social media instead of calling 911 — with criminally negligent homicide.

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Investigators say that on April 23, 2017, John Garrett Guffey and Lillie Marie Cooper took pictures of 18-year-old Caitlyn Spears as she was overdosing at a home on Old Union Road in Grant. Instead of calling for help, Cooper and Guffey allegedly “dragged” Spears around and took photographs and video of her body, Al.com reports.

The suspects then posted the photos and video to Snapchat and Facebook, police say. Spears’ relatives claim that Cooper and Guffey cracked jokes and said “RIP” as they dragged the victim’s body around in the video.

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Guffey and Cooper did eventually attempt to drive Spears to the hospital after an “extended period of time,” according to Marshall County authorities. But their car then ran out of gas before reaching the hospital. Only then did they call for assistance. Guntersville Fire and Rescue crews were called to the Mapco station on U.S. 431, and when they arrived they found Spears unresponsive in the vehicle.

Relatives of Spears have reportedly launched a petition to try to change the law in Alabama, making it illegal not to assist someone if they are dying.

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Guffey, 19, and Cooper, 18, have been indicted on charges of corpse abuse as well as criminally negligent homicide. Both have reportedly been released after bonding out.

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Main photos: John Garrett Guffey and Lillie Marie Cooper [Marshall County Sheriff’s Office]



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