WV Woman Busted For Decapitating Boyfriend Yells: “Let Me Get My Heads!”

Roena Cheryl Mills [Mercer County Jail]

LERONA, WV — Upon being arrested under suspicious circumstances, a West Virginia woman allegedly demanded of the officers, “Let me get my heads!” Shortly thereafter, she was charged with decapitating her boyfriend.

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Roena Mills, 41, is facing a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Bo White, 29. The official criminal complaint describes the crime as a “decapitation homicide.”

On April 1, police responded to calls from Mills’ neighbors about a suspicious person in their driveway. Responders found Mills cut up, covered in blood, and wearing one glove.

Mills reportedly gave police a false identity and said an unknown attacker threw her through a glass door. When she became “combative,” officers placed Mills in the back of a squad car, whereupon she is said to have shouted: “You have to take me back and let me get my heads!”

While Mills was in custody, police received a tip about a decapitated man at a location not far from where the arrest happened. That headless body turned out to be Bo White.

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Investigators said they also found a single glove there that matched the one Mills was wearing. In addition, police have since disclosed that mysteriously, another unidentified part of White’s body turned up where Mills had been arrested.

A court-ordered mental health evaluation will determine if Mills is competent to face trial. If she is, Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler said a grand jury will decide whether she’ll be tried for first- or second-degree murder.

At present, Mills is being held at the Southern Regional Jail on $210,000 bond.

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Main photo: Roena Cheryl Mills [Mercer County Jail]


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