Mom & Dad Charged In Connection With The Murder Of Their 5-Year-Old Autistic Son

Joseph Daniels; Joe Clyde Daniels; Krystal Nicole Daniels [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation]

DICKSON, TN — Police in Tennessee say the mother who has been charged in connection with her five-year-old autistic son’s death knew all along that his father had killed him.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced that they have charged Joseph Daniels and Krystal Nicole Daniels in connection with the death of Joe Clyde Daniels.

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Joseph and Krystal reported Joe missing on the morning of April 4. Joe’s father told deputies that the boy had left the home barefooted and dressed in black skeleton pajamas sometime the previous evening.

Police launched a massive search for Joe, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an endangered child alert for the boy, who was reportedly non-verbal. But a few days later, detectives developed intelligence that led them to believe that Joseph had murdered his own son and hid the body.

According to court documents, Joseph then confessed that he hit his son with a closed fist until he died. He then allegedly placed his body in the trunk of his car and disposed of it in a rural area.

According to a police document obtained by WSMV, Krystal Daniels, 27, admitted she was home when Joseph allegedly killed the boy. Krystal then “took active steps to obfuscate the abuse and homicide” of the boy, according to the document.

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Police arrested Krystal Nicole Daniels on Monday night. She is currently facing charges of Aggravated Child Neglect or Endangerment and is being held in jail on a $1,000,000 bond.

Joe’s body has not yet been found.

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Main photo: Joseph Daniels; Joe Clyde Daniels; Krystal Nicole Daniels [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation]



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