Breaking Homicide: Can You Help Solve The Murder Of 7-Year-Old Michelle Norris?

Main photo: Michelle Norris [Rhode Island State Police]

CENTRAL FALLS, RI — On May 26, 1988, seven-year-old Michelle Norris took off with her two brothers to a nearby school playground. After a day of fun, the boys returned home and said they lost track of their sister. Four days later, Michelle turned up dead. To date, no one has been apprehended for her murder.

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No one noticed anything out of the ordinary on the day Michelle vanished. It was a typical sunny afternoon in the Norris family’s busy suburban neighborhood of Central Falls.

All the local kids played at that school all the time. Michelle’s grandmother even kept an eye on them from her house on the same block. Suddenly, now, one of those children didn’t come back.

Once it broke that Michelle had gone missing, authorities flew into action, with neighbors and family members joining in a massive hunt for answers. After four frantic days, a searcher came across Michelle’s remains under a tree. She was naked and badly beaten. Her clothes lay neatly folded next to her body. She had suffered a horrific sexual assault, and died from asphyxiation.

The worst case scenario had come true. Then, as justice proved elusive, it got worse.

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Investigators initially looked hard at William Norris, Michelle’s father, who no longer lived in the family home. Julie Harris said she split from William over his alleged alcoholism, but that he still visited Michelle about once a week.

In a note to the police, William wrote that he picked up Michelle from the playground and drove the child to her grandmother’s house, but he didn’t actually see her go inside.

William ended the note by stating that Michelle seemed distracted by a friend of hers across the street, who was on a porch with a man “who I didn’t know” — a claim that may have been specious.

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On the new Investigation Discovery series Breaking Homicide, police Sergeant Derrick Levasseur — who grew up in Central Falls and personally knows many of the individuals involved in this tragedy — is joined by forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie to embark on a fresh pursuit of justice for Michelle Norris.

In the course of the episode, Lavasseur and Mohandie talk to Michelle’s mother, brothers, friends, local residents, and others with first-hand involvement in the case. Among the duo’s most stunning discoveries is the possible identity of that “man on the porch,” how dangerous he is, and how he may be the key to learning the ultimate truth about what happened to Michelle.

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In the meantime, this case remains open and very active. If you have any information regarding the unsolved murder of Michelle Norris, please contact the Rhode Island State Police at (401) 444-1046.

For more on the Michelle Norris case, watch the “Little Girl Lost” episode of Investigation Discovery’s Breaking Homicide on ID GO now!

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Main photo: Michelle Norris [Rhode Island State Police]

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    This show is boring and no one wants to see that douche from big brother. I prefer the more seasoned detectives like the other shows on here

  • John Arché

    This show is a complete and utter travesty to the victims!

    Taking “reality tv” stooges and pretending that they’re crime fighters??? What a mockery! That one goofball has commercials claiming he’s a “retired police officer” and another where he’s a “detective”??? Gimme a break. He isn’t old enough to obtain either job! Mr. Psychologist is a freaking joke as well. The 2 of them don’t have the common sense to pour piss out of a boot together!

    PLEASE Discovery ID cancel this train wreck, fire whomever the producers were for it, and put whomever thought this was a good idea in the same cell as Gary Ridgway!

    Lt. Joe Kenda, Garry McFadden and Rod Demery these bumbling morons will NEVER be! PLEASE take this off for the decency of the victims and their memories. This isn’t entertainment.

    • Jane Champion

      AGREED 100%

    • Alafair Rey

      Gee! I would place a large bet you are related to or friends of Joe Pelland.

  • grammie

    Wow! I just saw the show and believe they solved the murder..the man named joe who was standing on the porch with his step-daughter who happened to be Michelle’s best friend. He is also convicted of molesting said little best friend. The police department that is not doing their jobs.
    It’s so funny how people sit on their couches knocking these people who are just trying to help in anyway they can, while, as I said, you are just sitting there doing nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G!! Get a life and maybe help others.

    • Alafair Rey

      They are either Joe Pelland making the comment or friends of Joe. [Joe the one who raped his sister, sadistically tortured his wife, molested all the neighborhood little girls and killed michelle norris.

  • Jane Champion

    This show is a joke !!!!! They said they may have solved the mystery of who killed little Faith so horribly but cannot arrest the guilty person … so there’s still no ending for the poor Family ….So my Question is why dig up and bring back all those waful memories for the family if they cannot put the killer behind bars? ….So we’re still in the Dark and will never know !!!!!!! …. THIS SHOW NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR ….