Canine Star Of Viral Skateboarding Videos Dognapped; Suspect Arrested, But Gus Is Still Gone

Main photos: Gus; Reid Albrecht [Carmel Police Department]

CARMEL, IN — Doggone! Gus, a well-known and beloved English bulldog, has been missing from his Indiana home since October.

Gus, who is famous for his viral videos showcasing his skateboarding ability, went missing from his owners’ yard, which was secured with an invisible fence, on October 6.

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Witnesses were able to remember seeing a man later identified as Reid Albrecht nearby, with a bulldog matching Gus’s description. At the time, he claimed he had adopted the dog from the Humane Society, but the organization didn’t have any record of the adoption.

A month after the dog’s disappearance, someone came forward with information that Gus had died due to stress. It’s unclear if that mysterious information is correct, and now Gus’s owners are not sure where he is, or if he is still alive.

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“It’s not just a theft of your TV, or someone coming in and taking your jewelry, it’s theft of your family member,” one of Gus’s owners, Christina Kiger said.

Albrecht, 22, reportedly sent a message to the family through his father that he had taken Gus. He offered to “buy them another dog, even though they have another already,” according to the arrest affidavit. Albrecht, who was already behind bars on drug charges, has been arrested on two counts of theft for the dognapping.

Gus is three years old, weighs about 60 pounds, is white- and brindle-colored, is neutered, and was last seen wearing a blue invisible fence collar. There is a $4,000 reward offered for his safe return.

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Main photos: Gus; Reid Albrecht [Carmel Police Department]


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