Cop Named Dick Holder Busted For Moonlighting As A Prostitute

A policeman with his hand close to his gun [iStockPhoto]

SUSSEX, ENGLAND — A probe this week into the Sussex Police Department exposed that an officer had been sidelining as a prostitute for the past two years. Alas, before Detective Constable Richard “Dick” Holder could be sacked, a higher-up said he had “fallen on his sword” and quit.

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During the hearing, Chief Constable Giles York said that Dick Holder had advertised his services on a sex-for-hire website, using a “Sweet Sensations” account and attending to clients at his home while he was off-duty and on sick leave.

York added that Dick Holder “seems to have never been an officer with any great glory about him” and that, in fact, the moonlighter had struggled with “under-performance.”

Acting as a mouthpiece for Dick Holder, Police Federation chairman Matt Webb said his client “fully admits all of the allegations set out against him” and “he asked me to express his apologies for his lack of judgment.”

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According to Metro, Dick Holder is the second Sussex-area police officer to leave the force in recent years after being outed as a prostitute. In December 2016, Police Constable Daniel Moss reportedly got suspended after being similarly revealed to be providing sex work while on “stress leave.”

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Main photo: A policeman with his hand close to his gun [iStockPhoto]



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