Evil Stepmothers Season 3 Premieres Friday; Binge The Full Season On ID GO!

Evil Stepmothers promotional art [Investigation Discovery]

Evil Stepmothers follows real-life evil women intent on making their family’s lives a living hell. From dividing the family to dividing up bodies, these twisted and wicked stepmothers only have one thing in mind … themselves.

After the season 3 premiere airs on Investigation Discovery on Friday, April 13 at 10/9c, the full season of episodes will be available to stream on ID GO!

As Bad As It Gets

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

Forty-one-year old Carol Krizan seems like the perfect match for downhearted divorcé Roy Joe McCaleb. But when Roy is killed in his bed by an alleged prowler, and Carol walks away scot-free and with Roy’s whole estate, Roy’s family thinks she may have something to do with his murder. Watch the bittersweet ending!

Selfish Desires

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

Rebecca Osborne appears charming as she pursues widower Jerry Barker, but disaster is in store for her new groom. Jerry’s children fear the worst when they uncover their stepmother’s dark secret, which alludes to what’s to come for their loving dad. Find out what happens when the worst in Rebecca is triggered!

Beyond Repair

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

Twenty-six-year-old blonde beauty Leah Ward brings sparkle back into the eyes of 40-year old divorcé and entrepreneur, Ejaz Ahmad. But when Ejaz disappears only months later, it’s his young son who leads the path to a grisly discovery and murder. Find out what skeletons Leah is hiding!

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Main photo: Evil Stepmothers promotional art [Investigation Discovery]



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