Florida Man Asks Clerk If He’d Get Arrested For Stealing Beer; Steals Beer & Gets Arrested

Christopher Maxwell [Indian River County Sheriff's Office]

SEBASTIEN, FL — According to police, Christopher Maxwell, 33, walked into a convenience store and asked the clerk on duty what would happen if he stole beer. She told him he’d get arrested. Maxwell then clearly found out she was right.

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Maxwell allegedly entered the store at 2:30 A.M. and, at first, attempted to buy beer. After the clerk informed him that she couldn’t sell it because alcohol sales are banned at that hour, Maxell reportedly inquired:

“What would happen if I stole some beer?”

The clerk replied that she’d call 911 and summon police officers who would arrest him. As though putting such a claim to the test, Maxwell then allegedly grabbed two 18-packs of Bud Light and walked off.

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Sure enough, the clerk called 911 and police rapidly responded. They said Maxwell struggled upon being confronted. One officer wrote in the arrest report:

“Upon exiting my patrol vehicle, I gave several commands for Maxwell to stop walking, but he refused and took a bladed stance towards me.”

Eventually, the cops got cuffs on Maxwell and took him to jail. He was booked on charges of petty theft and battery on a police officer. He also never got to drink the beer.

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Main photo: Christopher Maxwell [Indian River County Sheriff’s Office]



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