Florida Man Busted For Battering Boyfriend With “Big Mouth Billy Bass” Singing Fish

Gregory Carney [Sebastian Police Department]; Big Mouth Billy Bass [WikiMedia Commons]

SEBASTIAN, FL — Police arrested Gregory Carney, 56, on Sunday for allegedly belting his boyfriend, Larry Timmerman, 52, in the head with a Big Mouth Billy Bass. The couple reportedly had been fighting about the singing novelty fish, with Carney becoming angry after Timmerman tossed the bass in the trash.

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According to the arrest report, Carney and Timmerman have been domestic partners for 17 years and had argued earlier that day.

At one point, police say, Carney retired to the den to play with his Big Mouth Billy Bass. Timmerman reportedly grew irritated, claiming Carney “continued doing this just to aggravate” him.

After one too many Billy Bass serenades, officers say Timmerman “removed the singing fish and placed it in the trash.” Upon discovering the gag object in the garbage, Carney allegedly tossed the fish at Timmerman, striking him in the head.

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Carney told the cops he “did not aim for Larry and struck him in the head on accident.” Nonetheless, police brought him in on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. He was since freed on $500 bond and is due back in court on May 15.

The arrest records do not indicate the present whereabouts of the Big Mouth Billy Bass.

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Main photos: Gregory Carney [Sebastian Police Department]; Big Mouth Billy Bass [WikiMedia Commons]



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