Accused Killer Claudia Hoerig’s Shocking Video Confession Is Released

Claudia Hoerig [Fox 8 (screenshot)]

WARREN, OH — A woman who allegedly killed her husband and then fled the country 10 years ago has shared her version of what happened with investigators in a videotaped confession.

Claudia Hoerig told detectives that she fatally shot Air Force Reserve Major Karl Hoerig in 2007 because he was sexually and emotionally abusive, according to a tape obtained by The Fox 8 I-Team. 

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Claudia traveled to her native Brazil a few days after the murder. Investigators were just able to bring her back to the United States in January 2018.

I was laying down, I got up really fast and I shot at him,” Claudia Hoerig told Trumbull County Sheriff Detective Mike Yannucci and Deputy U.S. Marshal Bill Boldin. “I didn’t like his games, because like I told you, I am a very conservative woman,” she said.

She told police that originally, she planned to kill herself.

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Claudia claimed that when she told her husband that she was pregnant, he got angry and locked himself in the bedroom.

Claudia Hoerig [Fox 8 (screenshot)]

Claudia Hoerig [Fox 8 (screenshot)]

She said that she got her gun with the intention of shooting herself, but when she told him that she planned to take her own life, she said that he told her to go to the basement so didn’t get blood on the paintings.

I got very angry,” Claudia said. “If he hadn’t said, that I would be dead and he would be alive.”

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She claims that she then did actually attempt to kill herself as well, but that she had run out of bullets.

But Karl Hoerig’s family and friends have hit back — and stated that they do not believe Claudia’s claims.

Claudia is being held in the Trumbull County jail on a $10 million bond. Her next court hearing is planned for next month.

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