Belgian Clown & Yodeling Sidekick Allegedly Murder Ex In Front Of Her Kids, Livestream Standoff

OUDENBERG, BELGIUM — An award-winning TV clown and his lederhosen-clad yodeler sidekick have been arrested for murdering the clown’s ex-girlfriend in front of her three tied-up children. After fleeing, the clown broadcast his armed rooftop standoff with police on Facebook Live.

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Kevin Leipere, 31, and Dietwin Haegheman, 38, are presently in custody following a lethal attack Sunday night on a 47-year-old woman identified only as “Caroline D.”

Leipere has won local “Best Clown” awards and performed on the TV show Belgium’s Got Talent as “Clown Tobi.” He is also a popular entertainer in children’s hospitals, where he cheers up sick kids as the comical physician character, “Dr. Aspirin.”

Haegheman, who often works as Clown Tobi’s assistant, is professionally known as “Dietwin the Yodeller.” He, too, appeared on Belgium’s Got Talent and actually scored some minor yodeling pop music hits. His act is quite well-known throughout Belgium.

On Sunday night, Leipere and Haeghman allegedly invaded Caroline’s home with anything but their stock-in-trade merriment in mind.

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Reportedly, Leipere was heartbroken over ending his romantic relationship with Caroline just days earlier. She apparently dumped the clown due to his inability to get along with her children, who are ages 12, 15, and 17.

Once inside Caroline’s residence, according to police, Leipere and Haegheman tied up the three children and tormented them before and after stabbing their mother to death while they watched. He is said to have told the kids:

“I am no longer a clinic clown but a crime clown! That’s how I will become famous!”

Authorities further allege that Leipere telephoned the children’s school and cruelly joked that the kids would be late to class the next day and added, “I am a monster. I know that.”

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From there, Leipere and Haegheman supposedly called the cops to confess, and then split up and took off. Responders freed the children and discovered Caroline’s body in the family’s garage.

Officers tracked Leipere to the roof of a 13-storey building near his parents’ home in Bordene. While taunting the police, Leipere waved a handgun and fired it into the air several times, broadcasting the scene live via Facebook.

Over the next few hours, Leipere put the gun down and pretended to surrender repeatedly, only to grab the weapon and start the whole process over again. He also threw debris down to the street and continually threatened to jump.

Apparently, once the cops convinced Leipere that snipers had him pinned down, the clown gave up. Officers arrested Haegheman in the town of Melle later that day.

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When asked for a comment, the father of the three children said, “It is too horrible, especially for my children. All my attention and care goes to them now.”

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