“Captain Jack Sparrow” Busted For Huffing Glue & Kicking Cops (Epic Mug Shot!)

Brian Zielinski [Knox County Jail]

KNOXVILLE, TN — A colorful local character nicknamed “Captain Jack Sparrow” after Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean character, was arrested in Knoxville’s Market Square. Police say he was huffing glue and then violently resisted arrest.

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According to the police report, multiple people flagged down a passing officer to point out “odd behavior” being performed by a man who was later identified as Brian Zielinski, 29.

After the officer attempted to stop Zielinski for questioning, the arrest report alleges that the so-called Captain Jack Sparrow attempted to walk away and was “talking incoherently and appeared to be under the influence of some type of inhalant.”

A search of Zielinski produced two bottles of superglue and a sunglasses case packed with small light bulbs that had straws attached to them. Zielinski allegedly told the cops he would get high by putting glue in the bulbs and then huffing the fumes through the straws. In addition, searchers found a small electronic scale in Zielinski’s pocket that was coated in crystal-like residue.

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Brian Zielinski, 2017 mug shot [Dunlap Police Dept]

Brian Zielinski, 2017 mug shot [Dunlap Police Dept]

When officers attempted put leg shackles on Zielinski, he reportedly kicked them and commenced beating his own head against the ground. The Captain did not go to the station quietly. Authorities have charged Zielinski with disorderly conduct and various counts of possession and evading arrest.

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Last October, police in Dunlap, Tennessee arrested Zielinski after he walked around town dressed as a pirate with braids in his beard — thus prompting his “Captain Jack Sparrow” moniker — and then broke back into a friend’s home from which he had been kicked out for “acting crazy.”

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Main photo: Brian Zielinski [Knox County Jail]


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