Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Said She “Blacked Out” During Caylee’s Death

FILE - In this March 3, 2011 file photo, Casey Anthony, 24, listens during her murder trial, in Orlando, Fla. [AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool, File]

Casey Anthony’s trial lawyer has revealed that he believes his client “snapped” and “blacked out” the events that occurred the day of her daughter, Caylee’s, death.

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Cheney Mason was responding to questions by LawNewz Network’s Jesse Weber about Anthony’s statements to the Associated Press earlier this year. Mason, who represented Anthony along with attorney Joan Baez, said:

I believe that Casey’s mind, in some dimension, I guess the common word would say ‘snapped.’ She didn’t go crazy by any means — but blackout — completely a blackout — of what went on and what happened.”

Mason went on to explain that Anthony “grieved and comprehended differently than anyone else what happened.” In fact, Mason said he believes that Anthony did not even really realize that her daughter was dead until the murder trial. “She went into what I call ‘Casey World.’  She shut it out,” Mason said. “She didn’t know what she was doing or what she was saying.”

Anthony was controversially acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse in 2011.

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The lawyer said that Casey had a strong bond with Caylee, who he described as a perfectly healthy and happy child. He also reported that his office still receives conspiracy theories about what some people believe actually happened to Caylee Anthony.

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Main photo: FILE – In this March 3, 2011 file photo, Casey Anthony, 24, listens during her murder trial, in Orlando, Fla. [AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool, File]

  • shawty

    Hard to trust a site that claims her attorney is Joan Baez, folk singer extraordinaire.

    • Sandy Jackson


    • Mustanglovely

      I think they got the name wrong…😮

    • Martha Bartha

      She’s a protest singer she’s singin a protest song.

  • Martha Bartha

    Love her large breasts!

  • Ellie Turko

    I’m sticking with the Zanex theory: Casey was giving Caley Zanex to make her sleep longer so she could party longer…hence “Zaney the Nanny”, and she overdosed her and she died

    • Mari

      Rightly so!! Overdosed her own child. Thats probably why she blacked
      out! She coudnt believe what she had just done. But to blame it on her Dad bullcrap..

      • Mustanglovely

        Easy way to get out of it, I guess she thought.

    • Mustanglovely

      That makes sense. That’s sickening though.

  • Catherine Brooks

    She’s taking a page from Jodi Arias’ book. Blackout my butt!

  • Blacked out on alcohol maybe… This case still doesn’t make sense to me… Someone murdered the lil girl and should be held accountable for it.. I just dont understand this case at all.. Smfh

  • Christine Chrissy Fougere

    And you seriously want us to believe you mister. She murdered her daughter in cold blood. Shut up and stop trying to make her somehow not responsible.

    • Linda M. Wegener

      His still defending her because she paid her legal fees laying on her back for him, and evidently still is.

  • Martha Bartha

    Didn’t report it for a month.

    • Mustanglovely

      That would make her very suspicious.

      • Martha Bartha

        Book er Danno…………….👳

  • Betteauroan

    She killed her by accident. Wanted to knock her out so she could party. Sociopath. That’s the only way she can live with herself. Oh well. What goes around comes around.

    • Lorne Watts

      this was not no accident! COVER UP/TRUTH!

  • Martha Bartha

    I knew she’d get off. It was a weak case!

    • Martha Bartha

      I’d like to get her off.

      • Niobi Rituals

        One can always count on you Martha.

        • Martha Bartha

          I sure hope so.👅

  • Ste Margarita

    We now know exactly what happened:

    The pool ladder was accidentally left down (as verified by Cindy when she called George on her Booster phone). Caylee opened the sliding glass door & climbed into the pool (unescorted and sans arm floats). Caylee accidentally drowned whilst Casey was asleep. Note that Caylee had been told 1000 times to stay away from the pool.

    Casey awoke to discover that Caylee was missing & panicked. Casey began a frantic search & discovered Caylee floating in the pool. Casey retrieved Caylee from the pool and began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation pronto. Casey had trouble keeping Caylee’s mouth open during resuscitation, so she used duct tape to aid the process (i.e. the duct tape was used to help keep Caylee’s mouth open). Casey was hysterical after all attempts to breathe life back into Caylee failed. The sense of loss was so great that she lost control of her mental faculties – Casey began to behave irrationally. Post partum schizophrenia had set in.

    A distraught Casey entertained thoughts of suicide… potential suicide methods such as “foolproof suffocation” were searched on her computer.

    Casey dressed Caylee & put her wet swimsuit (which reeked of chlorine) in the Pontiac trunk (some of Caylee’s hairs were attached to the swimsuit). Casey then drove around town in a zombie like state. She was confused and did not know what to do: Should she take Caylee home? Should she take Caylee to the hospital? Should she take Caylee to Blanchard Park? Should she take Caylee to Universal Studios? Should she bury Caylee?

    Casey frantically visited places that were familiar to her, e.g. Blanchard Park, Sawgrass Apartments, Target, Blockbusters, Fusian. The chaotic travel orgy lasted for days, whilst Casey became even more irrational. Casey was now at the point of a mental break-down. She still believed that she could revive Caylee herself. Always the optimist, Casey even got a “Bella Vita” tattoo.

    An exhausted & emotionally drained Casey finally retreated to a wooded area near her home – a former childhood hangout. She believed that she would find a sense of comfort regressing back to more pleasant childhood memories. Casey began to sense the gravity and hopelessness of the situation and instinctually buried Caylee in the wooded area – she even borrowed a shovel (from a neighbor) to conduct a proper burial ceremony. Casey also buried a few sentimental items along with Caylee – so Caylee would not be “alone.”

    A traumatized Casey attempted to continue on with her life – refusing to accept Caylee’s death – she wandered around town aimlessly – visiting familiar places – searching for her Caylee. And yes, on occasion, a distraught Casey even sought the comfort of men.

    The Pontiac eventually ran out of gas and was abandoned at the AMSCOT. This frantic search continued for 31 days until Cindy intervened with the now infamous 911 call.

    Casey had to borrow a few dollars from friends in order to fund her investigation. As far as the babysitter – “Zenaida” was a generic name for a Nanny or babysitter- i.e. derived from “Zanny the Nanny.” Zenaida was created as a protective figure – a Guardian watching over Caylee and providing aid. As long as Zenaida existed – Caylee was safe.

    Casey had a conniption after she discovered that Caylee accidentally drowned. She refused to accept this painful reality. She continued to believe that Caylee could be safe with “Zanny.” She did not want to face the possibility that Caylee had died or jeopardize Caylee’s safety with Zanny. Granted, not all of her decisions were made with a sound mind… e.g. the decision to conduct her own independent search effort or being confused about her current employment status at Universal.

    • Phillip Hickman

      Post partum…….? I don’t think she had just delivered another infant! This scenario you paint may be plausible, but most believe that this is much more simple. Drugged her with Xanax, respiratory depression….death…panic…cover up…end of story.

      • Mustanglovely

        I think she was in too much of a hurry to get back to her “activities” than to wander around for too long.

    • Sarcastic_NotPlastic

      If you believe that trash you just spewed, you need to seek help because you are disgustingly delusional.

    • RockinNanaof5


    • Only Casey herself could write this sick crap! Get off the computer you dirty excuse of a human being!

    • Rubi

      I think you had one too many margarias to come up wih all that ;0)

  • Lorne Watts

    I think she had walk in on her father doing something with the child, things from there went wrong, somehow one are both kill the little baby, being dad was a former cop, he knew how to cover it up, Casey then when on a drug benge for the 30days,, mom broke, then called 911…I think the whole family knew what happen to this little baby girl…such a shame no one will pay for this till they see there maker!

  • Sarcastic_NotPlastic

    Joan Baez. Seriously.. .

    • Martha Bartha

      This is your Woodstock, & it’s long overdue.

  • Rubi

    This idiot will say anything in defense of Anthony, she was living in his house for years after the trial. No mother of a missing child fails to report then goes on a drinking, partying, binge for a month (which only comes to an end when her mom discovers the truth BTW) when they are innocent, for anyone to believe otherwise you have to suspend reality.