Heavily Tattooed Florida Man Allegedly Climbs Playground Equipment To Tell Kids Where Babies Come From

CLEARWATER BEACH, FL — According to police, a man with numerous facial tattoos climbed atop equipment at a busy playground on Sunday, whereupon he yelled out a “vulgar” explanation to nearby children about how babies are born.

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An officer in the area arrested Otis Dawayne Ryan, 30, after he reportedly mounted the crowded fixture and loudly announced to the kids within earshot that babies “come out of women.” Ryan is also accused of using “a vulgar” term in the process.

The arresting officer added that, once Ryan started yelling, numerous parents were “rushing to remove their children.”

Otis Dawayne Ryan [Clearwater Police Department]

In addition, the officer alleged that prior to the impromptu (and unwanted) biology lesson, Ryan had been harassing adult passersby and making inappropriate comments toward women.

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Police noted that Ryan has been repeatedly causing disturbances in the area over the past year, getting arrested for charges that include battery and carrying a concealed weapon.

On Sunday, the court charged Ryan with disorderly conduct, charged him a $118 fine, and ordered him to stay away from the park.

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Main image: Otis Dawayne Ryan [Clearwater Police Department]


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