Florida Man Busted Yet Again, Adds To Series Of Evolving Face Tattoo Mug Shots

Robert Hardister before and after: 2009 [Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office] & 2018 [Palatka Police Department]

PALATKA, FL — A 27-year-old Florida man was arrested on charges related to vehicle theft, adding a tenth photo to a series of mug shots dating back to 2009 that chronicle his ever-expanding array of facial tattoos.

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Palatka Police say Robert Hardister was picked up in connection with a Chevy Truck allegedly stolen from Futch’s Tractor Deport and later found in Pascoe County.

Robert Hardister mug shots through the years/YouTube [screenshot]

Officers reportedly found Hardister in yet another stolen vehicle, this one allegedly swiped from Okeechobee. He was charged with burglary and grand theft of a motor vehicle, and then booked into Putnam County Jail on a $7,000 bond.

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As part of that process, Hardister posed for his 10th Florida mug shot to date, adding to a series of arrest photos that, when lined up, chronicle the astonishing evolution of his face tattoos. What will he look like next?

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Main photos: Robert Hardister before and after: 2009 [Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office] & 2018 [Palatka Police Department]



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