Florida Trailer Park “Santa Claus” Stalked Neighbor, Caught With 90 Pounds Of Panties

Isitro Lee Sanches [Bay County Sheriff's Office]

PANAMA CITY, FL — A trailer park resident known as “Santa Claus” has been convicted of breaking into a neighbor’s unit to leave her notes and pairs of panties he said he hoped she would wear.

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With his long white hair and flowing beard, it’s easy to see where Isitro Lee Sanches, 59, came by his St. Nick–inspired nickname. The supposed gifts he forced on a nearby woman, however, were hardly jolly.

According to court documents, between January and April 2017, Sanches deposited provocative notes and “countless” pairs of women’s undergarments on his neighbor’s car windshield and front porch. Finally, the prosecution said, Sanches illegally entered her home and left panties on her bed.

After the Bay County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant for Sanches’s trailer, officers found 90 pounds of women’s underpants in his possession.

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In court, prosecutor Calie Rivera presented bag after bag of panties as evidence, while the victim testified that Sanches was absolutely relentless. She said:

“It got to the point it happened several times a day. I was just gathering the notes and the panties so I could report them later. It got too much. I work two jobs.”

The victim further drove home the grim reality of the situation when she told jurors:

“My kids were scared. We had to get hotels a few times. I had to move as soon as school got out.”

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The trial of Isitro Sanches lasted a grand total of one day. The jury convicted him of three counts of burglary and a count of aggravated stalking. Sanches is scheduled to be sentenced on May 11. If convicted, he faces up to 40 years in prison.

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Main photo: Isitro Lee Sanches [Bay County Sheriff’s Office]



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