What Happened To Jodi Arias’ Other Boyfriends & Ex-Lovers?

Jodi Arias [Arizona Department of Corrections]

We all know that Jodi Arias’ last relationship ended with the death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, who Arias stalked and brutally murdered in 2008.

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Travis Alexander [Wikimedia Commons]

Travis Alexander [Wikimedia Commons]

Arias, who stabbed Alexander at least 27 times, slit his throat, and then shot him for good measure, was convicted and is currently serving life in prison for the murder.

But what about Arias’ other ex-lovers?

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Darryl Brewer

Arias’ last long-term relationship before Alexander was with Darryl Brewer, who at the time of the trial was a 52-year-old divorced father of a 14-year-old boy. He testified on Arias’ behalf at her murder trial, and said that the Jodi he knew was not someone who was capable of committing such a vicious murder.

Brewer met Arias in 2001 when they were coworkers at Ventana restaurant in Big Sur. Brewer said that he interviewed Arias when she applied for a job as a server, and was impressed by her “outstanding” presentation.

The couple later began dating, and he described Arias as a “responsible, caring, loving person.”

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In 2005, the couple purchased a house together in Palm Desert and made plans to live together.

After the trial, Brewer re-iterated that Arias had been a loving partner in the beginning and that he had “no reason to doubt or fear for his safety” when Arias interacted with his son.

According to Brewer, Arias’ attitude began to change when she became involved with the Mormon church, watched the movie The Secret, and began to believe in what Brewer called “magical thinking.” By 2006, though the couple was still sharing a home, the relationship was deteriorating.

Around this time, Brewer said that Arias was baptized into the Mormon church and said that she no longer wanted to be intimate with him because she believed that she was “living in sin.”

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Arias met Travis Alexander at a convention in Las Vegas in 2006, but Brewer was unaware of Alexander’s sexual relationship with Arias. Brewer testified that in May 2008, Arias had called him asking to borrow gas cans for her upcoming trip to Mesa, Arizona — where Alexander was living.

Brewer portrayed Arias in a positive light during the testimony, according to the transcript. “I saw that change — she’s unrecognizable to me now as to the Jodi she used to be, she never talked like that, she never lied and had that disrespect, she was not manipulative, she was not evil,” Darryl revealed in an interview after the jury delivered their verdict.

Brewer did state that Arias once took a nude picture of him in the shower, just like she reportedly did of Alexander.

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He said that he had no idea what had happened to Arias since they broke up, but said that their relationship was monogamous and not physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive.

I think Jodi needs help,” he said.

Abe Abdelhadi

Abe Abdelhadi said that he knew Arias for a few months, and went out with her a “couple of times.” He said that their budding relationship came to a quick end when she told him that she was getting “back together” with Alexander.

After that, Abdelhadi said that he and Arias were never again a couple — but alleged that she used him to make Alexander jealous.

She was trying to make him jealous, and fortunately or unfortunately, I was the only guy that she had anything on in terms of emails or things like that, so it was easy to have a piece of fake evidence,” Abdelhadi said.

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He said that he had also been acquainted with Travis Alexander — but didn’t find out until after his death the depth of Arias’ lies.

Abdelhadi also famously revealed what happened after he discovered that Arias was wearing a thong on the evening they became physical, even though she claimed that she was “dabbling” in Mormonism at the time.

I made a little joke, saying, ‘This isn’t magic underwear’,” Abdelahdi told HLN, referring to the undergarments often worn by Mormons, “and she said ‘there’s magic in them’.”

I thought that was key piece to throw out there,” Abdelahdi continued. “When she was showing up at the trial looking like Little Orphan Annie and trying to act like she didn’t know what a sex act was, I thought, well, that’s not true.” 

Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns was the man Arias turned to after the murder. Burns said in court that he spent several hours making out with Arias in a bean bag chair just 24 hours after she killed Alexander.

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Burns, who was a coworker of Arias’ at PrePaid Legal Services, described the physical encounter in court during Arias’ murder trial. He claimed the couple never removed their clothes during the encounter and that he “never touched her breasts or anything.”

Burns first met Arias at a PrePaid Legal convention in Oklahoma in April 2008. Though Burns said that they were never exclusive, he said in later interviews that he thought she was “good looking” and was “definitely interested in her.”

They began to talk on the phone, and in May, he and Arias made plans for her to visit him at his home in West Jordan, Utah. But Burns testified that Arias was several hours late when she arrived for the visit on June 5, 2008 — just one day after she had brutally murdered Alexander — and that she had cuts on her hands. Arias explained that she had cut her finger while working at a Margaritaville restaurant.

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Arias, who had dyed her hair from blonde to brown, went with Burns to his house to watch a movie, and later went out with Burns’ friends.

She was fine, she was laughing about simple little things like any other person. I never once felt like anything was wrong during the day. With a crowd, she was a little awkward in social areas, but one-on-one she was very talkative and excitable,” Burns testified.

In March 2009, Jodi wrote Burns a letter saying that she was “not a serial killer” and telling him that his life was never in danger.

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