Jodi Arias Wants Her Privacy; Asks For Murder Conviction Appeal To Stay Sealed

Jodi Arias [Arizona Department of Corrections]

PHOENIX, AZ — Lawyers for Jodi Arias asked the Arizona Court of Appeals on Friday to prevent the public from having access to the opening brief in her appeal.

The contents of the opening brief may endanger some members of the public, given the continuing interest in this case by the public and the media,” lawyers for Arias wrote, according to the New York Post. How the brief could endanger the public was not explained further.

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Arias is serving a life sentence for her first-degree murder conviction in the 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander at his home in Arizona.

Her first trial made headlines as the salacious details of Arias and Alexander’s sex life — and Alexander’s gruesome death — were broadcast around the world. Arias claimed that she killed Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her — but the prosecution claimed that she stabbed and shot him in a jealous rage following their recent breakup.

Arias was convicted following a second trial ending in 2013, but jurors were deadlocked on punishment. Finally, in 2015, a Superior Court Judge sentenced Arias to life in prison.

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During this phase, the judge allowed more provisions for privacy. A white-noise machine was turned on during the sentencing retrial so that spectators were unable to overhear conversations between lawyers. The judge also ruled that an unidentified witness would be allowed to testify behind closed doors. But the Arizona Court of Appeals later threw out the judge’s ruling, and it was later revealed that the person testifying in private had been Arias.

Peg Green, an attorney representing Arias, has not replied to the newspaper’s request for a comment. However a spokesperson for the Arizona attorney general’s office stated that the agency is opposing the request.

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