NJ School “Pooperintendent” Accused of Daily Dumps on High School Field

HOLMDEL, NJ — After Holmdel High School workers discovered feces on or near the school’s sports field “on a daily basis” for weeks, police believe they have sniffed out the mystery bowel-mover.

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Thomas Tramaglini, 42, has allegedly gone from squatting by the side of the school’s track to standing accused of using that turf as his personal open-air toilet.

Tramaglini is also the superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth Public School system. As a result, social media did not take long to nickname him the “Pooperintendent.”

To flush out the phantom manure-maker, school staffers worked with Holmdel Police to monitor the area. At 5:50 a.m. on Thursday, they allegedly caught Tramaglini with his pants down — literally.

Tramaglini lives about three miles from the field. Reportedly, he was observed going for a morning jog on the track and then dropping trou to leave his habitual heap.

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Officers arrested Tramaglini and charged him with defecating in public, lewdness, and littering. No motive has been offered for the offense.

After serving as the Chief Academic Officer of Keansburg, New Jersey, Tramaglini was promoted to his present $147,504-a-year superintendent position. He has taken a paid leave of absence and is due in court on Monday.

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Main image: Thomas Traglini [Holmdel Township Police Dept]



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