Senior Prank “Car Crash” Is So Impressive, Even The Cops Congratulate The Students

Senior prank car crash fake [Cumberland Police Department]

CUMBERLAND, WI — As a grandly executed senior prank, the graduating students at Cumberland High in Wisconsin created an optical illusion that made it appear as though a car had crashed clear through the side of the school.

The ruse proved so convincing that even the school district officials and the local police department publicly congratulated the seniors for pulling off “one of the best” pranks anyone had ever seen.

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On Monday morning, staffers were stunned to see what looked like a horrendous car accident on campus, with the back half of a car sticking out of a massive hole in a wall by the school entrance. Loose bricks covered the surrounding area, seemingly scattered by the sudden impact.

Concerned passersby immediately rushed to the scene, only to realize that the crash was an elaborately mounted hoax involving half a car obtained from a junkyard, a black tarp to create the “hole,” and strategic use of paint and tape to solidify the illusion.

One by one, observers caught wind of the prank as they read messages scrawled on the car windows that declared: “C-ya, May 19, 2018!” and “CHS Class of 2018 – We’re Bustin’ Out!”

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The Cumberland Police Department, who had sent responding officers to check everything out, shared the “accident” photos online and posted a message on Facebook that read:

“Hats off to one of [the] best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen!”

The Cumberland School District was similarly upbeat on social media, congratulating the senior class and noting: “The best part? The prank included absolutely no damage to the school!”

Konur Posko, one of the seniors who came up with the idea for the prank and helped put it together, told reporters, “We have always joked … that the school was a jail and once we graduated that we were going to bust out of this place!”

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As local media covered the prank, some students posed with a banner reading: “Parents who host lose the most.”  The message is an important reminder for parents not to serve alcohol to anyone underage, and it’s particularly relevant during graduation party season.

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