When A Loved One’s Unsolved Murder Drives Family Members To Extreme Measures

Main photo: screenshot from "Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?" episode [Investigation Discovery]

Investigation Discovery is premiering an emotionally wrenching new series — Extreme Measures. The show explores the trauma experienced, the persistence shown, and the lengths some women will go to in helping police investigate and solve a loved one’s murder, getting justice for those whom they’ve lost forever.

Starting on the night of Thursday, May 24, the full series will be available for streaming on ID GO! The bingeing opportunity will only last until June 7, though, so make sure you check out Extreme Measures while you can!

Episode 1: “Sister Act”

real video footage of Raven Abaroa [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

real video footage of Raven Abaroa [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

When a young mother, Janet, is murdered in her home, and evidence from the crime scene doesn’t add up, her sisters make a vow to bring her killer to justice. Their mission lasts several years and spans the country until they discover the lead suspect, Raven Abaroa, may be romancing a new woman. Their determination clicks into overdrive to make sure the killer is stopped in his tracks. See how they pursue their suspect, and maybe save a life in the process!

Episode 2: “The Boy With the Dragon Tattoo”

crime scene photo [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

crime scene photo [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

An Ohio mother stares down local criminals while fighting to find justice for her murdered son who left behind a baby of his own. After the police case threatens to go cold, a mother’s love for her son knows no bounds as she launches her own investigation and puts herself in precarious spots only to help uncover enough evidence to put multiple people behind bars. Watch Andrew’s story and see how his family fought for justice!

Episode 3: “Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?”

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

screenshot from episode [Investigation Discovery]

A daughter and her aunt are tenacious in their quest to find out the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. Their detective work leads them across several states over the course of a decade, and puts them face-to-face with someone whom they fear has been trying to hide very dark and dangerous secrets. The women stay hot on his heels until they have enough evidence to show he could be responsible for even more destruction than anyone originally suspected. Discover the skeletons in John Smith’s closet!

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Main photo: screenshot from “Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?” episode [Investigation Discovery]



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