Killers Allegedly Planned To Murder, Dismember Sydney Loofe After Setting Up Tinder Date

Sydney Loofe [Lincoln Police Department]

NELIGH, NE — The two suspects who allegedly murdered a 24-year-old woman who disappeared after a Tinder date last year planned to kill and dismember her in advance, authorities say.

Aubrey Trail, 51, and Bailey Boswell, 24, are charged with first-degree murder, punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty, and improper disposal of human remains in connection with Sydney Loofe’s death.

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Boswell and Loofe met on the dating app Tinder on November 11. After messaging each other 140 times over the next four days, prosecutors say they went on a date on November 14. They planned to get together again the next evening, after which Loofe was never seen again.

Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell [Saline County Sheriffs Office]

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska, identified Trail and Boswell as persons of interest early on — and both responded by posting videos on social media denying that they played any role Loofe’s death. In the (since deleted) video, the pair said they had been “crucified” by news media since Loofe’s disappearance.

Trail and Boswell were arrested after federal agents found them at a hotel on November 30 near Branson, Missouri. They were brought back to Nebraska on fraud indictments in a separate case. At that time, Trail claimed that he’d killed Loofe accidentally, the result of erotic strangulation games gone too far.

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Investigators found Loofe’s remains on December 4. The body had been placed in several garbage bags east of Clay Center.

Authorities have now revealed that security footage obtained from a local Home Depot showed the suspects buying tools on November 15 — just a few hours before Loofe went on a date with Boswell. Detectives believe that Trail and Boswell used the items to dismember and dispose of Loofe’s body.

excerpt from Aubrey Trail's arrest affidavit

excerpt from Aubrey Trail’s arrest affidavit

Both Aubrey Trail’s and Bailey Boswell’s arrest affidavits are available to read. Click here to read Trail’s and here to read Boswell’s.

Trail told the judge that he strangled Loofe with an extension cord and that Boswell insisted on cleaning up and disposing of the body, according to documents unsealed by the judge.

Trail and Boswell are both being held without bail at Saline County jail.

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