Texas Man Thinks He’s Solved The 1984 Cold Case Murder Of His Daughter

Clyde Hedrick [Galveston County Sheriff's Office] and Laura Miller [Texas EquuSearch]

GALVESTON, TX — A Texas man who started a search and recovery team that has identified the remains of over 200 people may have finally solved the 1984 cold case murder of his daughter.

Tim Miller founded the nonprofit Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery after his 16-year-old daughter Laura Miller was abducted and murdered in north Galveston County, Texas. The organization claims to have recovered 400 living people and 238 dead bodies.

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Laura was last seen alive on September 10, 1984. After her family moved to a new home in League City, Laura went to use a pay phone at a gas station. She was never seen alive again.

There is one thing worse than having a murdered child,” he told the Houston Press in 2015. “And that is probably knowing that your child is out there dead somewhere and never being able to say good-bye.”

According to The Guardian, police investigators initially treated Laura’s disappearance as a runaway or suicide.

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League City is located between Houston and Galveston along Interstate 45, where at least 30 women and girls were abducted, raped, and murdered between the 1970s and 2000s by various killers. The Guardian refers to this area as a “Bermuda Triangle of violence and sexual predation.”

Miller said that he suspected Clyde Hedrick, a man who had served a year in jail for abusing a woman’s corpse and lived near the family at the time of Laura’s disappearance, according to The Guardian. In that case, Hedrick claimed that the victim, Ellen Beason, drowned when they were swimming together — and that he hid her body in a panic.

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At the time, the Galveston County Medical Examiner said that Beason’s cause of death was indeterminable. However, almost 30 years later, investigators determined that Beason had actually died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Hedrick was arrested for her murder in 2013. He was later convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He has continued to deny any involvement in the deaths of Laura and two other women whose remains were found in the same field, and claims that Miller is persecuting him.

But Miller is sure, and says, “I have no doubt in my mind Clyde is responsible for Laura, Heidi, and Jane Doe’s deaths. And I will continue to fight to get him indicted and convicted in their deaths.”

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Main photo: Clyde Hedrick [Galveston County Sheriff’s Office] and Laura Miller [Texas EquuSearch]



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