Heather Locklear Arrested Again For Assaulting A Police Officer

Heather Locklear [Ventura County Sheriff's Office]

THOUSAND OAKS, CA — Just a few days after being released from a three-day psychiatric hold, actress Heather Locklear has been arrested again — this time for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Locklear was taken into custody at her home shortly before midnight and charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery upon an officer and an EMT.

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Police received a 911 call related to a disturbance, and a family member of Locklear’s claimed that she was heavily intoxicated.

When a responding officer arrived on the scene and tried to separate Locklear from her family members, she allegedly punched him. Then she kicked an EMT as paramedics attempted to put her on a gurney. Locklear has previously threatened to shoot Sheriff’s deputies.

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She was being held on $20,000 bail.

Locklear was placed on an involuntary hold last week after an altercation with her parents during which she allegedly choked her mother and attacked her dad.

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Main photo: Heather Locklear [Ventura County Sheriff’s Office]



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