Pizza Worker Busted Allegedly Contaminating Pizza Cheese With Rat Poison

Ricky Lee Adami [Fayetteville Police Department]

FAYETTEVILLE, NC — Police arrested a North Carolina pizzeria worker on Wednesday on suspicion that he mixed rat poison in with the restaurant’s shredded cheese.

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Ricky Lee Adami, 55, stands accused of tainting the cheese during his regular shift at Primo Pizza in Fayetteville.

Adami was reportedly preparing pizzas when the restaurant’s manager noticed “an unknown substance” amid the toppings. The manager immediately removed the food in question to prevent it from being served from customers, and then checked the business’s surveillance video.

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After calling the cops, the manager said the footage depicted Adami putting something that was “not cheese” into a cheese-shredding machine. A subsequent press release from the Fayetteville Police Department makes clear:

“The substance Adami placed in the cheese is suspected to be rat poison.”

Adami has been charged with Distributing Food Containing Noxious / Deleterious Material. Adami is currently at Cumberland County Detention Center on a $100,000 secured bond.

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Main photo: Ricky Lee Adami [Fayetteville Police Department]


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