Watch & Solve: The 10 Best True Crime Shows To Stream Right This Minute

Jodi Arias [Arizona Dept of Corrections]; Scott Peterson [California Dept of Corrections]

Do you find yourself in-between obsessive sit-downs with Lt. Joe Kenda on Homicide Hunter? Have you been keeping close track of the Steven Avery case while awaiting season two of Making a Murderer? Do you jones for an update of The Jinx?

And is the sheer overwhelming volume of true-crime documentaries and series driving you almost criminally insane as you wonder which one (or 10) to watch next?

Well, CrimeFeed is here now with a handy guide to the best recent true crime shows available to stream right this minute. So settle in, put on your sleuthing cap, and get on these cases!

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The Crime: On Christmas Eve, 2002, California native Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and the couple’s unborn son Conor.

After dismembering Laci, Scott ditched their bodies in the San Francisco Bay and then went on TV, play-acting the role of a grieving husband and father-to-be. The following April, police arrested Scott on a golf course.

He had bleached his hair, and packed his Mercedes with tools intended to aid in a flight from justice, including $15,000 in cash, camping equipment, multiple cell phones, his brother’s driver’s license, and 12 Viagra tablets. Scott Peterson is presently on Death Row in San Quentin.

Why to Watch: ID does the big cases better than any other outlet and, in terms of sensationalistic modern crimes, few loom larger or cast a more chilling shadow than that of the dashingly sinister Scott Peterson.

An American Murder Mystery: Scott Peterson is a one-stop go-to for complete coverage of this hugely heinous outrage and the egomaniacal murderer who made it happen.

Stream It: Investigation Discovery

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The Crime: When Michigan man Chris Regan went missing in 2014, a sick and sordid web slowly came to light surrounding his married girlfriend, Kelly Cochran — ultimately exposing serial murder, allegations of bodies buried in multiple states, and even a credible claim that Cochran cooked and fed Regan’s remains to unwitting guests at a barbecue.

Why to Watch: Dead North does more than just chronicle the crimes of Kelly Cochran — the two-part documentary tracks the ever-deepening intrigue through the tireless, ongoing efforts of Laura Frizzo, the local police chief who originally took on the case and ultimately had to sacrifice her own job to properly bring the guilty party to justice.

Stream It: Investigation Discovery

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The Crime: The 2003 Pizza Bomber Bank Heist — when a seemingly clueless pizza delivery driver walked into a Pennsylvania bank with a collar-bomb locked around his neck, demanded $250,000, and then blew up outside while asking the police to help free him.

Why to Watch: As bizarre as the Pizza Bomber robbery appeared on the surface, the details revealed in Evil Genius paint an unimaginable portrait of epic insanity.

The series dizzyingly unravels the cracked, cruel, and quickly doomed scheme that was hatched by intellectually brilliant, crazily charismatic “black widow” Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and executed with the help of her similarly intelligent and eccentric ex-boyfriend William Rothstein and a “fishing buddy.”

Stream It: Netflix

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The Crime: On the Fort Bragg army base in February 1970, Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, a veteran Green Beret, reported that a Manson Family–style group of hippies invaded his home, knocked him unconscious, and slaughtered his pregnant wife Colette and their two daughters, ages six and seven.

Several months later, Army investigators charged MacDonald with the murders, eventually leading to him being convicted and sentenced to life in 1979.

Why to Watch: Final Vision specifically focuses on the crime through the combustive relationship between Jeffrey MacDonald and acclaimed author Joe McGinnis, who the accused doctor hoped would write a book that would clear his name.

However, McGinnis’s resulting best-seller, Fatal Vision, not only makes a strong case against MacDonald, it became one of the most popular and revered true crime books ever published.

Stream It: Investigation Discovery

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The Crime: Between 1974 and 1986, a shadowy psycho known variously as the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker, and, ultimately, the Golden State Killer (GSK) terrorized California with a minimum of 12 murders, more than 50 rapes, and hundreds of violent burglaries.

After eluding the law for decades, the posthumous 2018 publication of author Michelle McNamara’s instant true crime classic I’ll Be Gone in the Dark set the stage for the capture of the man presently suspected of being the GSK, Joseph James DeAngelo.

Why to Watch: ID has long been on the Golden State Killer case, powerfully exploring the many years of dead ends that led to the recent breakthrough. As the title of It’s Not Over makes clear, though, more work lies ahead in delivering justice to accused serial slayer Joseph James DeAngelo — and this series grippingly lays out what all that entails.

Stream It: Investigation Discovery

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The Crime: In 2008, handsome, charismatic Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini dazzled medical experts and the public alike with claims of new breakthroughs in regenerative organ technology.

Over the next few years, he seemed to work wonders, creating artificial windpipes that saved lives — until they didn’t. Exposed as a philanderer and a fraud, Macchiarini also left a trail of dead patients in his wake.

Why to Watch: He Lied About Everything showcases interviews and first-person narration from Benita Alexander, the NBC producer who fell for Macchiarini and was slated to marry him in a ceremony officiated by Pope Francis. Discovering that her groom-to-be was actually married to someone else at the time proved to perhaps be the least of the bad doctor’s dark secrets.

Stream It: Investigation Discovery

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The Crime: On the bloody evening of June 4, 2008, Arizona resident Jodia Arias brought a definite, horrific end to her on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander by stabbing him 28 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him once in the head.

Why to Watch: While Jodi Arias has been the focus of massive media attention and other documentaries — including ID’s definitive take on the case, An American Murder Mystery: Jodi AriasThe Missing Pieces delves deeper into the details than any others by featuring exclusive interviews with her former lawyer, a former cellmate, and even a rapper who recorded a tribute to the convicted killer.

Stream It: ID GO

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The Crime: Amanda Knox became an international media story following her wrongful conviction in Italy for the 2007 kinky sex murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

Why to Watch: After spending four years in prison for a crime she did not commit — and then being re-convicted of it — Knox has also had to deal with the stigma that the case has attached to her.

In the five-episode online series The Scarlet Letter Reports, Knox talks with other noteworthy women who have been publicly scorned following various scandals. Her subjects include actress Mischa Barton, who fell victim to high-profile revenge porn, and Brett Rossi, the fiancée of Charlie Sheen who split from the star after he ran wild in the global spotlight.

In addition, Knox talks at length about her own struggles with being attached to social media-fueled shaming and being branded “evil.”

Stream It: Facebook Watch

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The Crime: On December 9, 2001, Kathleen Peterson fell to her death down a stairwell in the home she shared with her husband, novelist Michael Peterson.

The investigation into Kathleen’s demise revealed Michael’s falsely pumping up his military exploits, engaging in extramarital affairs with men, and even being connected to an eerily similar death-via-stair-steps years earlier.

Most stunning of all, Michael eventually got to take an Alford plea when experts testified that Kathleen may have been sent on her fatal plunge by an owl.

Why to Watch: Although expertly covered by ID in An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase, this new Netflix treatment has generated buzz by adapting a 2004 documentary on the case into a 13-part series.

Stream It: Netflix

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The Crime: In 1981, followers of Indian spiritual guru Baghwan Shree Rajneesh took over the town of Antelope, Washington, to set up a community called Rajneeshpuram dedicated entirely to their own vision — which went on to include amassing weapons, poisoning public officials, plotting bioterrorism, and arson.

Why to Watch: The Rajneesh story is fascinating under any circumstances, so what Wild Wild Country does best is to focus on the Baghwan’s personal assistant, Ma Anand Sheela, who turns out to be a tremendously compelling figure.

Stream It: Netflix

Main photos: Jodi Arias [Arizona Dept of Corrections]; Scott Peterson [California Dept of Corrections]



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