Baby Died After Being Put In “Timeout” — Parents Charged With Murder

William Herring and Brianna Brochhausen [Burlington County Prosecutor's Office]

WRIGHTSTOWN, NJ — The parents of a four-month-old boy who died on February 14 after his parents allegedly placed him under a comforter at a New Jersey motel earlier this year have been charged with murder.

Burlington County prosecutors and state police have charged William Herring, 42, and Brianna Brochhausen, 22, with murder and conspiracy. Both were also charged with child endangerment after the death of the baby, who was named Hunter.

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According to prosecutors, the couple told police that baby Hunter “wouldn’t stop crying,” so they decided that he needed to be placed in a “timeout.”

He was positioned on his stomach on the bed, and the comforter was pulled over him, covering his head and entire body. The parents then went outside to smoke cigarettes, returning to the room approximately 10 minutes later, where they discovered that Hunter was not breathing and was unresponsive,” police wrote in a report.

Hunter was taken to the hospital, where he died on March 3. The medical examiner ruled that he died from “complications of suffocation,” and his death was determined to be a homicide.

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“The thoughtless actions of these individuals ended up costing a defenseless four-month-old infant his life,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, the New Jersey State Police Superintendent.

“I commend the detectives of our Homicide South Unit and Criminal Investigation Office for their commitment and dedication to finding justice for Baby Hunter.”

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Main photos: William Herring and Brianna Brochhausen [Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office]