Binge A Whole Season Of “The Real Story With Maria Elena Salinas” Before It’s Too Late

Maria Elena Salinas [Investigation Discovery]

The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas tackles the issues that come along with a national story. By pushing aside the clutter that surrounds a sensationalized case, she brings to light what the media originally missed. Join Univision News anchor Maria Elena Salinas as she digs for the true stories behind national headline-making crimes in search of new evidence, unheard perspectives, and updates to the cases.

Until August 14, the entirety of Season 1 is available, unlocked, on ID GO. There are 16 episodes of compelling true-crime stories, including A Mother’s Quest, which details the story of Mary Rose, whose teen daughter became entangled with the notorious Felix Vail.

Felix Vail's mug shot. Photo: Comal County Sheriff

Felix Vail’s mug shot [Comal County Sheriff]

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In the Pulse Nightclub: The Hidden Truths episode, Salinas speaks with survivors of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. She also uncovers groundbreaking information about the shooter, Omar Mateen.

Omar Mateen [Wikimedia Commons]

Omar Mateen [Wikimedia Commons]

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Salinas digs deep into the investigation of human remains found in New Mexico, the most grisly murder scene in the state’s history. In Lost Girls of the Mesa, an investigation leads to a serial killer on the loose.

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Make sure you get through the entire season while it’s unlocked — just until August 14!

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Main photo: Maria Elena Salinas [Investigation Discovery]