Broke In The USA? Bogus “Bruce Springsteen” Scams Fan Out Of $1,600

Bruce Springsteen [Wikipedia]

MORTON GROVE, IL — First things first: International music superstar Bruce Springsteen does not need your help — or anybody’s — recovering funds from a Dubai gold investment he made that went bad.

One might think such a notion wouldn’t need to be clarified, but, well, here’s this story.

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Someone claiming to be Springsteen himself reportedly sent a text to an unnamed Bruce fan in Illinois.

The bogus Boss allegedly told the booster that a recent Dubai gold deal had blown up on him and he was in a pinch for some quick cash. The ersatz E Street Band leader also asked for money to help senior citizens pay their phone bills.

After several back-and-forths via text, the fan sent the mock rocker $1,100 in electronic funds (to help with the gold damages) and $500 in iTunes gift cards (for the old folks’ phone charges).

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Needless to say — although apparently, no, it is necessary to say — that wasn’t the actual Bruce Springsteen begging for cash from a stranger. As Oak Creek Police Chief Steve Anderson put it:

“Bruce Springsteen or other celebrities are not going to be calling asking for money. Be smart. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t give any information out.”

The real Bruce Springsteen, who has sold more than 164 million records to date worldwide, is presently continuing his one-man show on Broadway. That production alone grosses $1.9 million every week.

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