Cops: Raging Kansas Councilwoman Kicked Cops, Got Tased, Bit & Broke Officer’s Thumb

Main photo: Carol Fowler [Atchison County Sheriff's Office]

HURON, KS — A small-town city councilwoman allegedly flew into a violent rage at deputies who came to arrest her and had to be subdued with a Taser. She is now also accused of biting a correction officer’s thumb hard enough to break the bone.

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On Friday, June 29, police arrived at the home of Carol Fowler, 48, to arrest her on an outstanding warrant. According to the warrant, Fowler failed to appear in court to face a 2017 conviction related to public intoxication.

Officers say Fowler angrily resisted, scratching and kicking at them until they were forced to use a Taser on her. Eventually, the cops got Fowler to Atchison County Jail, where she was held over the weekend on a $5,000 bond.

Things reportedly turned really violent on Monday, July 2, when corrections officers attempted to get Fowler to submit to the booking process.

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Carol Fowler [Atchison County Sheriff’s Office]

As staffers “tried to remove her jewelry and personal items,” Fowler allegedly exploded in fury. As Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie told the press:

“They had five officers in there, and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply. She was able to (get) a hold of one of the correction officer’s thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb.”

The county attorney reports that Fowler has been charged with two counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer (one felony) and interfering with law enforcement. She will also now likely be further charged with battery because of the alleged jailhouse incident.

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Carol Fowler is one of five Huron city council members in a town with a population of just 73. So far, her name has not been removed from the city council’s official roster.

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Main photo: Carol Fowler [Atchison County Sheriff’s Office]