“Ghost Adventures” Star Zak Bagans Buys Charles Manson Painting Made With Blood & Cult Leader’s Ashes

Zak Bagans (left) and Charles Manson [Wikipedia]

LAS VEGAS, NV — According to reports, Ghost Adventures TV star Zak Bagans has purchased an original painting of Charles Manson that allegedly incorporates the deceased cult leader’s cremains.

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TMZ quotes the Travel Channel series host as saying he paid $2,000 for the artwork in order to hang it in his popular Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum attraction in Las Vegas.

The portrait is now slated to join Manson’s actual dentures in the Haunted Museum, as Bagans bought those, too, back in November 2017.

Artist Ryan Almighty said he painted the image in part with his own blood and then used Manson’s ashes to “fill out the eyes.” Almighty also said he obtained a sampling of the cremains from someone who attended the scattering of Manson’s ashes in Porterville, California, last March.

Reports also indicate that the individual who provided the ashes sold the painting to Bagans, and the proceeds will go toward a monument for Steven Parent, one of the Manson Family’s victims on the night of the Tate-Polanski killings.

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In addition to Ghost Adventures, Bagans also hosts the series Deadly Possessions on the Travel Channel.

Given his area of expertise — as well as the subject of the painting — perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that Bagans has reportedly stated that the Manson artwork is giving off “paranormal energy.” Stay tuned.

For more on Charles Manson, watch Investigation Discovery’s Manson: The Prison Tapes on ID GO now!

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Main photos: Zak Bagans (left) and Charles Manson [Wikipedia]