Outrageous Footage Of Brittany Burke Crashing Through Ceiling At Reddi Mart

Image of Brittany Burke at Reddi Mart in Spruce Grove [CTV News (screenshot)]

SPRUCE GROVE, CANADA — Shocking surveillance video from a convenience store in Spruce Grove, Canada, shows a woman falling from the ceiling and crashing into an store display after she allegedly tried to escape police.

The incident started when Brittany Burke, 29, and Richard Pariseau, 28, went into the Reddi Mart where Pariseau allegedly attempted to buy a can of soda with a stolen credit card.

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The owners told CTV News that they became suspicious of the couple after Pariseau claimed that the credit card he was using belonged to his girfriend — so they called police. When an RCMP officer arrived on the scene, Burke and Pariseau can be seen on camera fighting with the officer.

Pariseau then ran through the store in an apparent attempt to evade police.

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Meanwhile, Burke went to the back room, seemingly stashing a bag, and then managed to crawl into the ceiling ventilation system.

Minutes later, Burke can be seen crashing through the ceiling and striking a shelf before she finally hit the floor.

“It was scary,” store owner Bhagwant Chauhan said. “You’re thinking the person is in the back, but she’s up in the roof. Thank God everybody is okay.”

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Both suspects were arrested. Pariseau faces 11 charges, including using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest, attempting to disarm a police officer, and assaulting a police officer.

Burke has been charged with obstructing a police officer, failure to comply with an undertaking, and mischief.

It’s worth noting how much the video is improved by a soundtrack of “Yakety Sax.” To watch that version, click below:

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Main photo: Image of Brittany Burke at Reddi Mart in Spruce Grove [CTV News (screenshot)]


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