Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp & Victim Kala Brown Face Off In Court

Kala Brown on the stand [screenshot/WYFF]

SPARTANBURG, SC — The woman who Todd Kohlhepp kidnapped and held captive for over two months in a shipping container faced the serial killer in court Wednesday and requested over $360 million in damages.

Brown’s attorney Alex Stalvey asked that his client be awarded “millions of dollars to cover her future medical expenses and to compensate her for her suffering.”

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Brown filed a civil lawsuit against Kohlhepp and his late mother, Regina Tague, seeking damages for medical costs, attorney fees, and other expenses. The judge did not immediately rule on that request.

Todd Kohlhepp's mug shot [Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office]

Todd Kohlhepp’s mug shot [Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office]

Kohlhepp and Brown were both present at a court hearing to determine the outcomes of some of the civil lawsuits that are pending against him. In the livestream of the proceedings, it can be seen that Brown had to sit in the courtroom mere feet away from her abductor and tormentor — the man who murdered her boyfriend.

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The purpose of the hearing, which was held at the Spartanburg County Courthouse, was to determine how much money would be paid out to individuals who filed wrongful death and personal injury suits, according to Brown’s attorney David Wyatt.

Kohlhepp was charged with sexual assault and kidnapping on November 3, 2016, after Spartanburg County deputies found Brown chained up in a shipping container on Kohlhepp’s 100-acre property.

Brown told police that Kohlhepp had fatally shot her boyfriend, Charlie Carver. He then kidnapped Brown and held her captive for over two months. During this time, he subjected Brown to a series of brutal sexual assaults.

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Brown and Carver were reported missing in August. His remains were later found and positively identified on Kohlhepp’s land. Carver’s father was also present in the court.

Kala Brown on the stand [screenshot/WYFF]

Kala Brown on the stand [screenshot/WYFF]

Kohlhepp represented himself during the proceedings, and declined to ask Brown any questions when given the opportunity. He seemed calm, and he and the lawyer who had previously represented him, who was present as a courtesy, chatted and seemed friendly throughout.

Brown, on the other hand, seemed tense, and could be seen glaring at Kohlhepp at times.

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A psychiatrist, Dr. Vina Jain, who has treated Brown testified that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and acute stress and will need years of therapy to help in her recovery. She also stated that Brown will likely need therapy and medication for the rest of her life due to the actions of Kohlhepp.

Brown gave a brief statement to the media following the hearing in which she thanked the public for their support.

Judge R. Keith Kelley also heard a foreclosure lawsuit based on Kohlhepp’s previous 96-acre property in Woodruff, where the bodies were found. The court heard that Kohlhepp failed to make mortgage payments after his arrest — and the judge agreed to move the property to foreclosure.

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In May 2017, Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to murdering seven people over a period spanning 13 years, as well as kidnapping and sexually assaulting Brown. He is serving seven consecutive life sentences for the murders.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Wright has said that Brown is entitled to receive the reward money for the quadruple homicide that Kohlhepp committed, referred to as The Superbike Murders. The case had remained unsolved for 13 years before Brown was found. Family members of the victims in that case were present in the courtroom.

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Main photo: Kala Brown on the stand [screenshot/WYFF]



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