NYC Sniper On The Loose? Mystery Gunman Taking Shots At Posh Manhattan High-Rise

Bullet hole in window [Pixabay]

NEW YORK, NY — Police say they are on the hunt for an unknown gunman who has repeatedly blasted shots into a swanky high-rise on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Cops believe the shooter may be taking aim from across the river on Roosevelt Island.

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NYPD officials say at least two different gunfire incidents have resulted in shattered windows and a bullet fragment landing in a living room at One East River Place, a posh, 50-story glass tower.

Reportedly, the first bullet crashed through the front window of an occupied 14th floor apartment sometime in the wee hours between last Thursday and Friday. The resident discovered a .38-caliber bullet among the debris, which police say was most likely fired from a Smith & Wesson handgun.

At around 1:15 A.M. on Saturday, another bullet penetrated the window of a rental unit on the 32nd floor, jolting the tenant awake.

Neither occupant suffered injuries, but as one law-enforcement source said, “They were lucky they weren’t up late watching television.”

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Investigators matched the timing of the second shooting to two 911 calls regarding gunshot sounds coming from 30 River Road, a building located in the Manhattan Park complex about 1,400 feet across the East River on Roosevelt Island.

The New York Post quoted a “high-ranking NYPD insider” as saying that authorities are coming to suspect:

“It’s some a—hole on a balcony shooting across the river.”

Adding to the unusualness of the situation is the tony location of the shootings. A two-bedroom unit in the shot-up One East River Place fetches $7,000 a month in rent. The Manhattan Park facility where the shots are suspected of coming from is no bargain either, though: Apartments there average $3,000 a month.

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Tenants, understandably, are terrified by their predicament.

Ilene Epstein, 55, said she moved into her 22nd floor residence specifically for its view of the river. She then added:

“I’ll move out of my building, though, before I walk around with a bulletproof vest!”

Arik Cohen, who lives on the 45th floor, said:

“My wife is on Long Island with our baby … I’m already planning on leaving New York. This is just one more reason.”

An unidentified One East River Place tenant noted bluntly:

“I’m paying close to $10,000 per month in rent so I can use the fitness center and get shot in the head in my apartment!”

The investigation is ongoing.

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