Texas Man Allegedly Robbed Thrift Store, Definitely Posed For Hilarious Mug Shot

Shawn Paul Melonakos [Odessa Police Department]

ODESSA, TX — Police say a man was arrested on Saturday after allegedly stealing from a thrift store and threatening an individual who confronted him with a rock. Non-allegedly, the suspect then smiled wide for an outstandingly toothsome mug shot.

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Shawn Paul Melonakos, 29, is accused of attempting to leave The Door of Hope Thrift Store with merchandise for which he did not pay. When a nearby man pointed out that Melonakas was trying to steal from the store, the suspect reportedly threatened his accuser with “a large rock.”

Shawn Paul Melonakos [Odessa Police Department]

The accuser, in turn, told police he feared for his life and therefore whipped out a firearm and fired off a shot. He and another man then reportedly chased Melonakas down the street and held him until officers arrived.

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Melonakas reportedly gave cops a fake name and date of birth, but was quickly identified accurately. Police then arrested Melonakas for robbery, possession of methamphetamine, and false identification.

Upon being booked, Melonakas provided his contribution to the annals of memorably ridiculous mug shots.

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Main photo: Shawn Paul Melonakos [Odessa Police Department]