Young Woman Tortured, Burned Alive In Hollywood “Roadside Homicide”

Detective Lindy Gligorijevic [Discovery Communications/Investigation Discovery]

LOS ANGELES, CA — On March 24, 1999, Los Angeles fire investigators discovered the charred remains of a 30-year-old female in the back seat of a car parked just off the Hollywood 170 freeway. The body was burned beyond all recognition, but based on its position in the back of a 1994 Ford Probe, detectives determined that the victim was probably the victim of foul play.

That’s when they called homicide Detective Lindy Gligorijevic (main photo, above), whose crime senses and success rate in solving homicides had led to her being nicknamed “the killer closer.

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Lindy’s battle to piece together the last hours of the victim’s life and narrow down potential suspects from the medley of men in her life is the subject of a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s Killer Closer called “Roadside Homicide.” The series will follow Detective Lindy’s most shocking cases — and reveal how she got the most cold-blooded killers to confess during her time working LAPD’s Foothill Homicide Unit during the 1990s.

In the horrific case of the charred body in the car, she remembers being struck by the victim’s blonde hair and an untouched patch of “beautiful skin.

Photo of Lisa Kerr [Investigation Discovery]

Photo of Lisa Kerr [Investigation Discovery]

It was clear that she was beautiful,” Detective Lindy said. “As we removed her from the vehicle, she was disintegrating in our hands.”

Detectives were able to find some clues: The presence of an accelerant, and a driver’s license. The ID revealed that the victim was a 32-year-old named Lisa Kerr who lived in nearby Granada Hills.

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Detectives found Lisa’s ex-husband, Calvin Kerr, a local mechanic who had ties to white supremacy groups, there. He claimed that he and Lindy were estranged.

Detective Lindy was charged with interrogating Kerr, who she described as “very physically intimidating.” He admitted that he had a difficult relationship with Lisa, with whom he shared a four-year-old son. But insisted that he had an alibi, and that Lisa had been dating another man.

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After Lisa and Calvin started having problems, she was linked to a plumber named Donald Brooks. Brooks, who she met through her Alcoholics Anonymous  group, had a reputation as a ladies’ man.

Detective Lindy made another shocking discovery: According to forensic experts, Lisa was still breathing when she was burned. This made Lindy more determined than ever to find out who could have set Lisa on fire and burned her alive.

Image from crime scene footage showing Lisa Kerr's charred vehicle [Investigation Discovery]

Image from crime-scene footage showing Lisa Kerr’s charred vehicle [Investigation Discovery]

During the investigation, she also discovered that on the night Lisa died, she was babysitting for a man named Mark. Mark claimed that he walked Lisa to her car, gave her a hug, and sent her on her way.

Lindy must make sense of the men in Lisa’s life — from her rocky relationship with her ex-husband, to the boyfriend who some friends described as a “stalker,” and the babysitting client who admitted that he had a crush on her.

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During the course of the investigation she stakes out a strip club, talks to a Korean pastor who claims to be a psychic, and uses the then brand-new cell phone ping technology.

The shocking twists and turns in the case, and the diabolical plan hatched by Lisa’s murderer to torture and kill her, are detailed in the episode as Lindy works to bring justice to her family.

Watch the premiere of Killer Closer on Friday, August 10 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery!

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