Shanesha Taylor from Fox 10 Phoenix

Homeless Hot Car Mom Re-Charged After Spending Kids’ Charity-Raised Trust Fund Money

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Shanesha Taylor was one of the many parents charged this year with leaving children in hot cars. In her case, it wasn’t a matter of forgetting the children were there. She left her two sons in the car with the windows cracked about an inch while she went into a Scottsdale, Arizona business for a job interview because she couldn’t find affordable day care.

Candace Kelly from KDKA coverage

Grandma Busted For Dealing Weed, Hash And Mushrooms Claims She Did It To Support Her Grandkids

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Candace Kelly was first busted for selling pot out of her Sarver, Pennsylvania home last fall. She wasn’t busted with just a few ounces, however. She was busted with 64 pounds of marijuana, approximately 2 pounds of hashish, and another 2 pounds of ‘magic’ mushrooms in her home. Police also found nearly $400,000 in cash stashed in the house.