70-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Murder Of Her Husband May Have Lived With His Corpse For 8 Months

Linda Kosuda-Bigazzi [Connecticut State Police]

BURLINGTON, CT — A 70-year-old woman has been arrested for murder after the body of her 84-year-old husband, a University of Connecticut Health doctor, was found in their home.

Connecticut State Police said that they discovered the body of Dr. Pierluigi Bigazzi while performing a wellness check at a residence in Burlington, Connecticut, on February 5. Authorities have revealed that they believe that he may have been dead for up to eight months.

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Bigazzi’s death was ruled a homicide by blunt injuries to the head, according to ABC News.

His wife, Linda Kosuda-Bigazzi, initially did not let authorities inside, according to a statement from UConn Health. When the officers were eventually allowed in the house, they immediately noticed a foul smell. Kosuda-Bigazzi, who also worked at UConn Health, from 1986 to 1998, has been charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence.

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A sealed court file suggests that police believe he was killed sometime between June 13, 2017, and February 5, 2018, according to the Hartford Courant.

Since the summer of 2017, Bigazzi’s work for UConn Health has been done remotely, so it wasn’t remarkable for him not have been seen on campus in a while. The last email the University received from the professor is dated July 7. In January, UConn staff tried to reach Bigazzi and never heard back from him, so his department alerted police.

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The state police have declined to comment further on the case, citing the ongoing investigation. State police ask anyone who had or may have had contact with Dr. Bigazzi between July 2017 and February 2018 to contact authorities at (860) 626-7922.

Kosuda-Bigazzi is free on $1.5 million bail, on house arrest with a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

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Main photo: Linda Kosuda-Bigazzi [Connecticut State Police]

  • Martha Bartha

    She liked it cause he was a good listener & didn’t interrupt.

  • What was the point in killing him? He was 84… he would have died in a few years time. What was his cause of death? Meanwhile Kosuda-Bigazzi must wear a GPS monitoring system affixed to her ankle. She must remain in her home unless she has to leave to buy food, for medical or legal appointments, or to get her mail.

  • Dawn Moore

    anything could have caused his death, at this point he could have fallen down the stairs , and her keeping the body could have been both from fear of financial change and fear of social change, It’s not pretty but if he looked alive to the world she’s 70 she didn’t have to face the truth if she could just finish out her life what did it mater, I do hope she didn’t kill him.