How Is Your State Ranked On The List Of States With The Most Psychopaths?

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A new study compiled personality-trait research from around the country to determine which of the states in the U.S. are home to the most psychopaths. Perhaps not surprisingly, the study found that the area with the most psychopaths in the country is Washington, D.C.

Ryan Murphy, a research assistant professor at Southern Methodist University in Texas, who conducted the study, notes, “The presence of psychopaths in District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture found in Murphy (2016) that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere.”

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Behind the District of Columbia, the top-ranked states were Connecticut, California, and New Jersey. Despite their vast differences, two states tied for the fifth spot: New York and Wyoming.

For the study, Murphy used data on state personalities that had previously been collected in a 2013 study that estimated regional differences in personalities. The traits studied include extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness.

The study was recently published on Social Science Research Network, and has not yet been peer reviewed. Murphy explained that the rankings were just an estimate, since the data are too broad to make definite diagnoses.

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Not all psychopaths are serial killers: Previous studies have shown that psychopaths actually thrive in many careers, including heath care and journalism.

According to Murphy’s research, the state with the lowest number of psychopaths of the 48 contiguous states is West Virginia.

But there was some good news for residents of the top five states — according to Murphy, the study did not establish a relationship between these results and higher homicide rates.

Here’s the full ranking:

1. District of Columbia

2. Connecticut

3. California

4. New Jersey

5. New York and Wyoming (tie)

7. Maine

8. Wisconsin

9. Nevada

10. Illinois

11. Virginia

12. Maryland

13. South Dakota

14. Delaware

15. Massachusetts

16. Arizona

17. Florida

18. Iowa

19. Colorado

20. Texas

21. Ohio

22. Utah

23. Arkansas

24. Idaho

25. North Dakota

26. Michigan

27. Alabama

28. Pennsylvania

29. Rhode Island

30. Louisiana

31. Kansas

32. Georgia

33. Minnesota

34. Missouri

35. Washington

36. Kentucky

37. Nebraska

38. South Carolina

39. New Hampshire

40. Oregon

41. Indiana

42. Mississippi

43. Montana

44. Oklahoma

45. New Mexico

46. North Carolina

47. Tennessee

48. Vermont

49. West Virginia

Moving to West Virginia has never seemed more attractive, has it?

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