Man Who Jumped Out Of Freezer, Yelled About Satan & Died Was Cold Case Suspect

Carlton Henderson [St. Louis Police Dept]

NEW YORK, NY — Last Sunday, a knife-wielding man jumped out of a Manhattan restaurant’s freezer yelling about Satan and then abruptly died on the spot. Police have now revealed that he was a suspect in a 1988 double-homicide cold case.

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According to witnesses, Carlton Henderson bolted out of the kitchen freezer at Sarabeth’s, an Upper West Side brunch spot, and shouted, “Away from me, Satan!” He then reportedly grabbed a knife and threatened staffers.

Workers said they tackled and disarmed Henderson, after which he went into cardiac arrest and died.

Police have since revealed that Henderson had recently been serving time in Boston on a pending double-murder case that dates back 30 years. On August 1, however, a judge tossed out key evidence and released Henderson on his own recognizance.

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In June 2017, authorities in St. Louis arrested Henderson in connection to the 1988 gunshot deaths in Boston of William Medina, 26, and Antonio Dos Reis, 22, after bullets from that case matched a gun recovered from a 1993 fatal shooting in Miami.

Cops initially picked up Henderson in 1993 on drug and gun charges related to the Miami incident, whereupon he reportedly bartered information on the 1988 Boston slayings in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Henderson did his time in Miami and was then extradited to Boston, where he was charged with the double-murder.

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Alas, last Wednesday, Judge Janet Sanders ruled that Henderson’s 1993 statements were inadmissible because investigators made him believe they could not be used against him. As a result, Henderson strolled out of jail free and, somehow, into Sarabeth’s actual walk-in cold case.

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